Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ring a ding-ding.

It makes me want to shun technology and go back to a simpler days when phones had big curly wires and were used for talking.
Tim E says:
Craig. says:
you can add mobile phones to craighates
Tim E says:
Do you hate mobile phones more than Michael Stipe?
Craig. says:
hmm, yes.
Craig says:
At least Stipe doesn't come with a ring-tone.

New list:
1. Mobile Phones
2. Michael Stipe
3. Phil Collins

Monday, July 18, 2005

Michael Stipe vs Phil Collins

Do you hate Phil Collins more than Michael Stipe?
Craig. says:
Hmm, until now I never even considered Phil worthy of my hatred.
Craig. says:
so no
Tim E says:
So you hate Michael Stipe more?
Craig. says:
Yes. Yes I do.

1. Michael Stipe
2. Phil Collins